The Vegan Real Estate Team

The formation of the Vegan Real Estate Team marks the emergence of a new generation in Vancouver’s real estate market. Our approach is centered on fostering meaningful change by integrating commerce with social agency. That is, working with like-minded people to develop communities that believe in sustainability, integrity, and social impact. The Vegan Real Estate team services the Vancouver region at large, with a special interest in working with plant-based and socially conscious individuals and families. We believe in pairing business with a social cause to disrupt an antiquated industry and bring even more meaning to the largest buying decision of one’s life. Inspired by companies like Patagonia, Tentree, and Tom’s, our team aim’s to partner with local vegan businesses and social awareness campaigns to ensure that every purchase brings us closer to our mutual goal - a happier and healthier planet for ourselves and our children.

Eric Preston

Eric is an avid health nut and traveler who made it to 40 countries by the age of 25. After graduating from SFU with a degree in Psychology and exploring the world, he realized that the world needs more people who are willing to make a difference, especially in business. As someone who was always interested in working in tech and becoming an entrepreneur, he found himself working for a young real estate marketing tech company at the ground floor. He was able to help build and scale the sales team to over 25 people, and began specializing in the practice of social media marketing. Eric has delivered hundreds of workshops to large groups of real estate agents, enabling them to better market themselves and the properties they sell online. After consulting these individuals, it was a natural progression to become interested in real estate as a business. His journey into veganism began with dating his current girlfriend (who is strictly vegan) and being exposed to the values and beliefs of this community. Eric made the switch into veganism in 2018 and is inspired to make change in the world through this medium.

604 442 3633 ericpreston@kw.com

Yashu Sharma

Yashu is experienced in all aspects of life. He coded the interactive map display on our website, predicted many election results through the use of math, and even started an Amazon business before he turned 20. As someone who shys away from fiction, he spends most of his spare time watching youtube videos and educating himself on business, real estate and investing. Although a self-taught individual in many regards, he holds a BBA from UBC and enjoys the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship. Growing up in Vancouver, Yashu began developing his career in sales, who then joined a young real estate marketing company to lead a team of salespeople into what is now one of the fastest growing marketing companies in Canada. After over a year of advising REALTORS® on marketing and business strategy, it was a natural shift to dive into real estate himself. He is now using those skills to market clients properties through the digital world to create a new standard in the business. Yashu has never eaten meat in his life, which is more than most can say, and never intends to. He believes the new era of business should be followed by a social cause which in turn lead to the birth of the Vegan Real Estate Team.
778 989 3536 ysharma@kw.com